A night of armless fun

New Zealand pop star Lorde fainted when Goth scumbag Aaron hacksawed the General’s hand off during Auckland’s Pop-up Globe Theatre presentation of Titus.


Jason Hodzelmans as Aaron only mimed the rough amputation while two or three actors in Fractious Tash’s grunge production scraped rusty tin trays to create the sound of a saw-blade rasping through bone.

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The Great Tawari Hunt

Gisborne beekeeper John Foster loved his honey as much as he loved his bees. John specialised in tawari honey.

pooh with ballon and bees

He sweetened his tea with it. His wife baked tawari honey into his cookies to go with his honeyed tea. Given half a chance he would have run the stuff through his hair with a honeycomb.

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Bordeaux Red


Red wine and bicycle by Ralph Steadman
Red wine by Ralph Steadman

A small bottle of red wine is administered as a tonic to patients each evening at Bordeaux’s Hopital Saint-Andre.

Those not in the mood give it to visitors.

I visited my partner each evening; I collected my miniature, and her room-mate’s.

Ca va? I said to the room-mate.

She half raised her hand. Ca va, she said.

Her husband did not treat her well, my partner said.

The French wine-growing region’s sun-lit hospital had big white corridors with white arches. Nuns glided down the white arched corridors.

Corridor of Saint Paul Asylum in Saint Remy
Corridor of Saint Paul Asylum in Saint Remy, Vincent van Gogh, 1889

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2016. Day one. 0400

The Rhythm and Vines festival was still going off with a pulsating end set in the hours before day break on New Years Day.

I wanted to spend more time at the festival, particularly to see Scribe and P-Money on New Year’s Eve, but other commitments came up.

So I got up early on January 1 and drove out to the site for a last taste. The new year was four hours old, and it was still dark, but the pop-up city’s shops were open and party people danced like there was no tomorrow because tomorrow had already arrived.

The air was warm and moist and the streets were solid mud but front of the Vines stage, a crowd of stripped down bodies heaved in the nuclear light to Australian duo Sweet Mix’s big beats and digital pyschedelia.

Rhythm And Vines -

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